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Surf Pie

11 Sep

Although I enjoy being part of a subculture, it would be amazing to see surfing recognised as an Olympic sport or even for it to be scheduled on regular television. 

People unite to support their teams and I have chosen to support surfing as ‘my team’.

A few weeks ago I was trying to connect to the Billabong Pro Tahiti.  The server  was unusually slow, and I had difficulties logging in. I wondered whether the reason was down to the large number of people trying to log into watch the webcast of the event.  Instead of being frustrated, I was excited by this.

I have always enjoyed sport.  Throughout my teens my interest waxed and waned from one activity to another, from Hockey to Dance, to Swimming and Football.  Quite typically this then moved to boys and alcohol and any pursuits that followed were purely hedonistic.

As an adult I rediscovered how much I enjoyed an active lifestyle.  I started surfing, and now I define myself as a surfer.  It changed my life.

In this global society, sport transcends many things such as class, race or religion. I believe the only real exception to this is gender.  In order to truly enable more people to benefit from surfing as a lifestyle there needs to be more opportunities.  Especially for women. 

Three years ago I watched a women’s 5 star WQS event at Fistral Beach, in Newquay, Cornwall.  I even got to meet one of my surfing heroines, Megan Abubo.  This year no such luck.  Women weren’t even on the on the schedule.   

It seems that an increasing amount of people are logging into watch the ASP World Tour events.  This is exciting.  As surfing gets recognised by the mainstream as an exciting professional sport, the more opportunities it will create throughout the industry.

Hopefully us girls will get a bigger slice of that pie.  Keep logging in!