Back in the World…

9 Apr

As you may or may not have guessed from lack of blogs, or my tweets about sleep deprivation I have been away for a while. Not in the physical sense, but the person I previously knew as me has had a hiatus.

A new baby, motherhood and 10 months out of the water unsurprisingly turned my world inside out and upside far more than I expected. Despite those well meaning (but really annoying) people who warned me thus, I found out for myself.

However, I am slowly beginning to emerge from this chrysalis of new parenthood. I’ve surfed almost regularly since November when my son was 11 weeks old. I’m even managing a blog, and tomorrow I go back to work, just for a couple of days. I would have liked to say that during my maternity leave that I have transformed into some kind of superwoman, able to divide my time equally between family, work and leisure with ruthless efficiency. The reality is I will be poking my head back into my old life, a trail of soiled muslins and rice cakes in my wake. Despite this, I do not mind. As I write now, a tiny Kraken lies beside me, precious (and sometimes monstrous) a reminder of this strange journey I’ve been embarking on.

My son has provided me with the perfect reason not to be as selfish. I am grateful I can no longer recognise myself as the hedonistic beast I was in my twenties (I am still doing all nighters, but they are of a different kind). It is just not possibly to decide to go on a bender Sunday lunchtime and breast feed! I am (almost) happy with surfing less frequently, as I now have an excuse not to go in on those really, really cold but offshore days, as when the wind chill is minus two I would much rather cuddle up with my boys instead. The return to work will make me appreciate time at home more than ever. On the plus side going back to work means I get to drink tea whilst its still hot. I will even be able to have a wee without needing to stop a seven month old from trying to teeth on the toilet brush.

I am slowly returning to the world of the a life previously lived, and although I am looking forward to some components of my old life almost being back to normal, things will never quite be the same again. And for that, I am glad*.

*except at 1:00, 3:00 and 5:00 am in the morning.

My Boys on the beach…



One Response to “Back in the World…”

  1. Bekah July 5, 2014 at 9:09 am #

    I really liked reading this! It was cathartic laced with good humour! 🙂 – Bekah

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