Surfing – good for your mind, body and…bank balance?

29 Oct

Happy in France

I spent yesterday morning in the Trafford Centre, Manchester. Being half term and pay-day for a lot of people it was rammed. For those that haven’t been, it is pretty impressive as shopping centres go, engineered to help you part with your money in as much comfort as possible.

These days, the only time I generally visit these places is when out and about for work. Why else would I be lured away from Cornwall to experience the delights of the Centre, Milton Keynes, Cribbs Causeway and Westfields? There was a time when these types of places would have been my destination for the weekend like they are for a large percentage of the population.

Before I discovered surfing, I got my thrills from going shopping. Instead of a testing paddle out, I battled with other shoppers to find a decent parking space. Now, I get excited by the changing seasons with the promise of hurricane swells, or warmer water or fewer people. Before, the seasons simply marked the latest sales. The adrenaline rush came not from pushing my limits in overhead surf, but from pushing the limit of a nearly maxed out credit card. Would the purchase go through or would I have the embarrassment of my card being declined? I am now undecided about which board to use, not which credit card to use. It is true, I had a problem. With nothing else to do at the weekend, I shopped for my kicks. It was an expensive habit which I have very nearly paid off.

Surfing may be free but the accoutrements of surfing are not cheap. I have had to make my £200 winter wetsuit last for almost three years, and although boards have been big investments, the pleasure and excitement I get from surfing has been well worth it. I have not racked up huge debts through surfing (although a fair spent bit has been spent on travelling). Shopping, and being away from the sea is now very much a chore.

With thanks to my sponsor (and Husband) for supporting my surf habit for the past 6 years!


3 Responses to “Surfing – good for your mind, body and…bank balance?”

  1. surfthechairman October 29, 2011 at 10:21 pm #

    Surfing is not great for marital relations, just written about half-term trip with the family to Cornwall – will probably end in a divorce!…

  2. Bukit Bear October 29, 2011 at 11:31 pm #

    My expenditure on all things surf related… still remains disproportionate to my income – and probably always will… that’s what surfing can become – all consuming (literally)… And it’s pretty hard to limit your spending on something that can cause such lasting happiness and purpose in one’s life…

  3. surfthechairman November 11, 2011 at 12:11 am #

    Despite being a 90 foot wave, the guys starts off natural and finishes off goofy?

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