Newquay – Surf Town Hangover

17 Sep

A breezy September afternoon and my hangover is mirrored by the Town. The streets are vacant and shivering as Newquay clinks and clatters in the wind. The holiday makers are mostly gone, and Newquay goes about its business. Muted and lifeless compared to the thump and bustle of summer.

Proprietors stare blankly, their shops quiet. A hen do straggles from bar to bar, a gust snatching at their feather boas. A surf school struggles down beach road. Heavy swell boards under arm in their uniform of wetsuits and flip flops.

Love it or hate it, on an August afternoon the town is alive. Newquay is pumping (unlike the surf), with music blaring from the bars. Thousands flock to the town, to party or just to see the spectacle that is Newquay in the summer. Fistral beach is transformed as the travelling show of competitive surfing dips its toe into the town.

View From Fistral Beach Bar - August

A Saturday afternoon six weeks later and Fistral is almost deserted, bereft of human clutter and exposed to the elements. Like the morning after the night before, the silence is deafening, with the Autumn breeze ringing my ears instead.

View from The Beach Bar - September


One Response to “Newquay – Surf Town Hangover”

  1. petebowes September 21, 2011 at 9:01 pm #

    I was in Newquay looking for some surf in 1963 – stayed in a guest house on the cliffs above the town and tried to make sense of the English coast. It was very cold and not long after someone told me that Portugal had better waves and warmer water, so I said goodbye to Newquay.

    – and thanks for coming over Kaya

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