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Surfers Paradise?

23 Mar

For the majority of the year I lament our Northerly latitude and the generally rubbish weather that us Brits have to put up with. As the sun shone this weekend along with a sweet little clean Spring swell, we raced to the beach for our first surf sans hoods and gloves. Blissful is the best word I can use. I felt truly lucky to be in Cornwall. At the end of the day we were surfed out and sun-kissed.

Whilst on the North Shore this December, we met many Hawaiians who were indeed shocked that we could even surf in this country. They were convinced we lived under a cloud of fog all year, in a permanent pea souper but gladly this is not the reality.

Whilst we do have to put up with windblown surf and the inconsistent shifting sands of our beach breaks, there are many things that we need not concern ourselves with. We have no sharp coral or lava reef to worry about and no man-eating sharks. The water quality is considerably better than the fetid soup of Taghazout, Morocco after a storm. We had to invent a new vocabulary to explain the behaviour of our Colons after that trip! I would rather surf in Bournemouth than relive that experience.

Limited crowds! Yes really! For those that have witnessed France in August, the crowds in Waikiki and the boatloads of multinational surfers dropped off at various reef breaks in the Indian Ocean, Fistral in summer is not that bad.

We have to put up with less than perfect conditions for the majority of the year, which only makes us more appreciative when the sun does shine and the surf is clean. We savour our precious trips to far-flung destinations with mechanical surf and cobalt skies.

But what is by far my favourite coincidence of geography, is our long daylight hours . Even before we adjust the clocks to BST, we are able to sneak in a surf before and after the daily grind of our nine to fives. We can work hard and play hard, even before we start the weekend.


A Karma Ding

17 Mar

I tried to sneak by on a sweet little left hander and I paid the price.

I have managed to crack the rail on my beloved longboard so it has to go to Dr Paul Fluin at Diplock Phoenix on Saturday. It looks like there will be a perfect little longboard wave this weekend too.

Karma for being greedy and dropping in.